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The box office of the 2023 Spring Festival movie breaks through 3 billion yuan! “The Wandering Earth 2” broke 1 billion yuan to lead the audience



IT House reported on January 24 that the Spring Festival in 2023 can be described as very lively, with various types of domestic blockbusters gathered together, covering science fiction, suspense, comedy, spy wars, animation, etc., and the movie box office has finally ushered in recovery in the epidemic era.

According to Maoyan Professional Edition data, at 8:23 on January 24, 2023,The total box office (including pre-sale) of the 2023 Spring Festival (January 21-January 27) exceeded 3 billion! “The Wandering Earth 2”, “Man Jianghong” and “Bear Infested·Stay with me “Bear Core”” ranked the top three at the Spring Festival box office.

In addition, the cumulative box office of the Chinese film market in 2023 will exceed 3.64 billion (equivalent to 536 million U.S. dollars),The box office performance surpassed that of North America, and it temporarily ranked first in the box office of a single market in the world.

IT Home learned that,The box office of the movie “The Wandering Earth 2” also exceeded 1 billion yuan this morning18.35 million people went to theaters to watch this domestic sci-fi blockbuster.

It is worth noting that the box office of Wu Jing’s starring works has reached nearly 30 billion yuan, and Chao Shen Teng’s 25.805 billion yuan has set a new record. There is a high probability that it will exceed 30 billion within these two days.He will also become the first 30 billion box office actor in Chinese film history.

Because the praise of “The Wandering Earth 2” exceeded expectations, Douban’s opening score reached 8.3 points, surpassing the previous film’s 7.9 points, and it is also the highest-rated film on Douban during the Spring Festival.

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