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Tesla has more than 120,000 full-time employees, and it is expected to increase further this year – small tech news



On February 9th, according to foreign media reports, Tesla disclosed in a document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that by December 31 last year,They and their subsidiaries have a total of 127,855 full-time employees worldwidean increase of 28,565 from 99,290 at the end of 2021.

As we all know,Tesla had one layoff last yearMany employees and management left Tesla during that layoff, and their full-time employees increased significantly last year, which means that the number of new employees they recruited last year was higher than the number of employees who left Tesla due to layoffs and other reasons. There are even more employees leaving.

Tesla had layoffs in the middle of the year

The news of Tesla’s layoffs appeared in early June, when a number of foreign media reported that CEO Musk had sent an email titled “Suspension of Global Recruitment” to the company’s executives on June 2, stating that About 10% of its workforce will be cut and global hiring will be suspended. According to the number of employees at the end of 2021, a 10% layoff means that nearly 10,000 employees will be affected.

However, there was more news about Tesla’s layoffs. Some foreign media reported that after sending a letter to executives, Musk sent an email to all employees, informing them of more details about the layoffs.

Judging from the emails obtained by some foreign media at the time, Tesla cut about 10% of its employees, not 10% of all employees, but about 10% of its salaried employees. Many areas are overstaffed.

However, Musk also disclosed in the email,Their layoffs will not affect the production of electric vehicles. In his email, he emphasized that the layoffs do not apply to any employees who actually build cars, battery packs or install solar products. This also means that the layoffs planned by Musk will not involve front-line production personnel.

After sending a letter to employees that it will lay off about 10% of its salaried employees, Tesla’s layoff plan also started soon. In mid-June, foreign media found on LinkedIn that more than 10 management personnel confirmed that they had been fired by Tesla, including an employee who had worked for more than 6 years. Christopher Bousigues, the first manager of Tesla Singapore, also disclosed on LinkedIn that as part of the layoffs, his position has been cut by Tesla, and he will join Tesla in June 2021 as the manager of the Singapore branch. He had only worked at Tesla for a year before being laid off.

However, for the layoffs in the middle of the year, Tesla did not disclose the specific number, and foreign media did not give relevant data in the report, but in any case, the reduction of about 10% of salaried employees is not expected to be large in number. will be less.

More employees needed for new factory to start production

After layoffs, Tesla’s workforce has increased significantlywhich is most likely related to the Berlin and Texas super factories that were newly put into production last year.

The Tesla Berlin Gigafactory is located in Grünheide, Brandenburg, a suburb of Berlin. Construction was announced in November 2019, and construction began soon after. After years of construction and a lengthy approval process, in March this year A grand opening ceremony was held on March 22, and the Model Y produced began to be delivered to users.

Tesla’s super factory in Berlin is expected to have more than 10,000 employees after it is fully put into production. When it was initially put into production, foreign media estimated that it would need 7,000 employees.

▲ Tesla Berlin Gigafactory

Although in March 2021, there were reports that Tesla had begun large-scale recruitment for this super factory, and 28 types of recruitment information were released within 3 days. The recruited positions involved human resources, construction Construction, engineering, information technology and many other categories, but the really big hiring was expected early last year, before the opening of the plant. At the beginning of March, foreign media reported that recruitment was accelerating, and there were a large number of positions in manufacturing, supply chain, engineering and information technology. At that time, the official website showed that the job location was recruitment in Glenheide, Brandenburg. More than 50 entries.

In mid-June last year, nearly three months after the factory was put into operation, Jörg Steinbach, Minister of Economy of Brandenburg, where the factory is located, revealed in an interview,The Tesla Berlin Gigafactory has 4,100-4,500 employees and is still recruiting new employees at a rate of 500-600 per month. In August, Jörg Steinbach revealed that, as far as he knew, the number of employees at the gigafactory was still increasing as planned, and Tesla became the largest industrial employer in Brandenburg.

Shortly after the opening of the Berlin Gigafactory, Tesla announced the construction of the Texas Gigafactory in July 2020. After more than a year of construction, it also held an opening ceremony on April 7 last year. The Model Y produced was also Delivery to users begins immediately.

▲ Tesla Texas Gigafactory

Although the number of employees in this super factory is not yet clear, it is estimated that there are thousands of employees in the Berlin super factory and the Texas super factory, which were also put into production last year. The production models are also Model Y.

According to foreign media reports, in addition to the production of Model Y vehicles, Tesla also built a battery production line at the Texas Gigafactory, which produced the first batch of 4680 batteries in July last year, and plans to increase production capacity in the third quarter. This means that in addition to employees who make cars, they also need employees who make batteries.

As the production capacity of the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory are still increasing, the demand for employees is also increasing. Just as the number of employees at the Berlin Gigafactory is increasing as planned, the number of employees at the Texas Gigafactory is expected to continue to increase after it goes into production.

Staff increases are also expected at other plants

In addition to the Berlin Gigafactory and the Texas Gigafactory that went into production last year, Tesla’s vehicle factories in production also include a plant in Fremont, California, and a Shanghai Gigafactory.Both plants are also ramping up capacity and demand for staff is expected to increase.

As Tesla’s first complete vehicle factory and the factory with the most models in production, the space of the Fremont factory in California has basically been fully utilized, and the increase in production capacity is also slower than other factories, but this factory At the end of the year, it had the capacity to produce 650,000 electric vehicles per year, an increase of 50,000 from the 600,000 at the end of 2021.

▲ Tesla Shanghai Super Factory

The Shanghai Gigafactory is Tesla’s second complete vehicle factory and their first complete vehicle factory outside the United States. The first phase will be completed and put into production in 2019, and the second phase will start construction in 2020. After the completion, the Model Y will be produced. , and deliveries will begin in January 2021. Last year, Tesla also optimized the production line of the Shanghai Gigafactory to increase production capacity. By the end of the year, the factory has the capacity to produce 750,000 electric vehicles per year, a significant increase from 450,000 at the end of 2021.

In addition, last year, Tesla also trial-produced the electric truck Semi at its super factory in Nevada. The first one was delivered in December. The production of this car also requires certain employees.

Tesla employees expected to continue growing this year

At present, many manufacturers around the world are laying off employees. Amazon, Microsoft, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Dell, etc. have announced large-scale layoff plans, and some companies have even laid off more than 10,000 employees.

However, in the context of a number of companies announcing layoffs, consumers still have strong demand for Tesla’s electric vehicles, and they still have a large number of orders to be completed. With the increase in factory production capacity, especially the Berlin Gigafactory and With the further increase in the production capacity of the Texas super factory, their employees will also further increase.

In addition, Tesla also disclosed in the financial report that they still plan to start producing electric pickup Cybertruck at the Texas Gigafactory later this year.Building a production line for this electric car and putting it into production also requires a lot of people. The increase in the production of 4680 batteries also requires more personnel.

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