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Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls for ‘substantial increase’ in lithium extraction TechCrunch



IT House News on January 24, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently pointed out that in terms of transitioning to sustainable energy, there is no need to change copper production. He stressed, however, that lithium extraction would need to increase significantly.

On Sunday, Musk responded to a message from the Twitter account @WallStreetSilv, which mentioned that in order for green technology to scale properly, the world needs to double its annual copper production. The account also noted that “activists are using ESG to prevent the development of new mines”.

In his response, Musk offered his opinion, noting that the transition to sustainable energy should be possible without changing copper production. However, the Tesla CEO emphasized that it is lithium that needs to see a massive boost.

“The transition to sustainable energy does not require a change in copper production,” Musk wrote. “Lithium extraction would need to increase substantially, but lithium mining itself is very common throughout the planet.”


While Elon Musk has pointed out in past interviews that Tesla would rather not get into mining unless it really needs to, the electric car maker is exploring the possibility of building a lithium refinery on Texas’ Gulf Coast sex. The company has previously said it also needs more players to enter the lithium refining industry.

IT Home understands that most electric vehicle batteries need to be manufactured using lithium, and considering that Tesla plans to significantly expand its business scale in the next few years, the company is looking for ways to provide the lithium-ion batteries needed for its electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The batteries get more raw materials.

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