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Tesla (Beijing) expands recall of 2,649 imported Model S: due to problems with the front trunk latch



According to the news from IT House on March 24, according to the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. submitted to The State Administration for Market Regulation has filed a recall plan to expand the recall of the following vehicles starting from March 24, 2023.

A total of 2,649 imported Model S electric vehicles with a production date between October 14, 2015 and August 23, 2020 were recalled. This recall is an expanded recall of the “Tesla Motor (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Recall Some Imported Model S, Imported and Domestic Model 3 Electric Vehicles” released on December 31, 2021 .

IT Home has noticed that the alignment of the front trunk latch and the buckle may be slightly behind in the vehicles within the scope of this recall. Although this situation does not affect the locking of the primary latch, it may affect the locking of the secondary latch. Level lock lock. When the primary latch is accidentally released, if the secondary latch is not locked, the front trunk lid may suddenly open while the vehicle is running, affecting the driver’s sight, increasing the risk of collision accidents, and posing a safety hazard.

Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will check the secondary latch device of the front trunk lid for free for the recalled vehicles. Front trunk latch.

Emergency measures: Users should drive the vehicle carefully before the vehicle is recalled for maintenance, and contact the service center for maintenance as soon as possible after the recall begins.

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