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Teresa Teng “resurrected” on the spot! 130 Robot Dogs Dance in Groups, 7 Highlights of the World Robot Conference Revealed



It was reported on August 18 that today, the 2022 World Robot Conference kicked off in Yizhuang, Beijing. The rainy weather did not stop people from participating in the conference, and the exhibition hall was crowded with people.

Wisdom stuff reporters spent a busy day at the exhibition site, shuttled between various booths, and communicated with relevant people of many robot companies, bringing fresh exhibition reports.

This World Robot Conference is full of highlights:The humanoid robot in the shape of “Einstein” shook its head, the humanoid robot in the shape of “Teng Lijun” sang live, 130 robot dogs wore tiger hats in a group “formation”, the appearance and swimming posture of the underwater robot were like real fish …

In addition, we have also seen many robots that are closely related to our lives: such as intelligent nucleic acid detection robots and disinfecting robots that have been on duty during the anti-epidemic period, catering robots that are quite skilled in making pancakes and fruits, and reproducing “master-level” robots. “Massage robot with massage technique.

Medical robots are a highlight of this exhibition. Winter Olympic athletes carry out rehabilitation training to restore walking ability by wearing exoskeleton robot products. All kinds of surgical robots enter the operating table and become an important helper for doctors to achieve precise operations and improve surgical efficiency and quality.

Robots for commercial and agricultural scenarios have also appeared one after another: there are distribution robots, smart retail vehicles, 3D sorting robots and other products that can improve sorting and transportation efficiency, there are picking robots that can pick apples, and there are pigs that can be spanked. Vaccine robot.

Since 2015, the World Robot Conference has been held for the seventh time. The exhibition site was crowded with people, much more lively than last year. It seems that the impact of the epidemic has gradually dissipated. It is reported that this year’s exhibition has attracted more than 130 companies, universities and scientific research institutions around the world, exhibiting more than 500 products, and the number of new products released has increased from 20 last year to 36 this year.

Below, smart things take you a glimpse.

01. Teresa Teng’s “Rebirth” concert, 130 robot dogs collectively “arranged”

In the past few days, the bionic robot industry seems to be particularly lively. There was the humanoid robot “Tie Da” launched by Xiaomi a week ago, and then there was the humanoid robot “Tesla Bot” that Tesla will launch at the end of September.

There is also the Max second-generation robot dog launched by Tencent this month, which can traverse the 10-meter plum blossom pile in a fancy way, including front flips and single pile jumps. It can be seen that the field of bionic robots has become the focus of major technology companies.

Although none of these products came to this robotics conference, dazzling humanoid robots, robot dogs, and robotic fishes also became a highlight of the conference.

1. Teresa Teng and Einstein “reborn” on the spot

Entering the preface hall of the World Robot Conference venue, the first thing that catches the eye is the humanoid robot of Dalian Tiais, as well as the humanoid robots in the form of Teresa Teng and Einstein. Humanoid robots are designed to present the core technologies of robots, such as high-precision control systems and other technologies.

At the exhibition site, the humanoid robot resembling Teresa Teng also “sang” many classic golden songs.

Looking to the right side of the Dalian Tiais exhibition hall, there is a half-body robot. If you look closely, you will find that it is more than 90% similar to the face of the engineer next to it. Zhishi learned that the face of the robot replicated the image of the engineer, and collected human expressions through the lens, and then converted the expression information into the parameters of the robot, so that the engineer could control the robot. It can be seen that this upper body robot can do all the movements such as rotating its head and pursing its mouth.

Dalian Ties’s bionic humanoid robot has a maximum of more than 140 degrees of freedom in the whole body. It is equipped with its self-developed humanoid robot multi-motor collaborative control ROS operating system, plus the torso and limbs controlled by dozens of flexible actuators, making these Robots can be more realistic in movements and expressions.

At present, the company has also combined humanoid robots and metaverse technology to create projects such as “EX Future Science and Technology Museum”, which have been implemented in many cities in China.

2. A variety of robot dogs compete on the same stage

Another highlight of the exhibition is the group of 130 GO 1 robot dogs of Yushu Technology “arranging”. They wear tiger-head-style hats and perform group performances on a nearly 1,000-square-meter venue. Standing on the booth, when they jumped and turned, I could feel the ground shaking very strongly.

It is understood that this GO 1 robot dog group control performance is the largest quadruped robot performance in the history of Yushu Technology. Previously, at the opening ceremony of 2022, Yushu Technology made 109 GO 1 robot dogs pose the words “Winter Olympics”.

Yushu Technology also exhibited another big guy, which is the B1 robot dog mainly for the industrial field, which can carry out security patrols, exploration and detection.

The quadruped robot of CEC has two series, “Longxiang” and “Tiger Ben”. The body and legs of these two quadruped robots are designed in an integrated manner, and they can build a 3D point cloud map of the environment through the visual perception module. , complete target detection and target tracking.

Its main application scenarios are urbanized smart security, industrialized smart inspection, and autonomous disaster rescue. According to the staff, Longchamp’s next-generation products will also be released this year.

3. Swimming in the water is also lifelike

The GSY-3 underwater intelligent bionic robot developed by Aerospace Science and Industry is mainly used for popular science education. At the exhibition, I saw an underwater intelligent bionic robot based on the finless porpoise. It has two orders of magnitude: 1.2m and 0.5m. The continuous working time is 8h and 4h respectively.

When I saw the big guy swimming freely in the water, I couldn’t help but be amazed. Its movement posture is very similar to that of a real fish, and the children around him screamed repeatedly.

02. 30-second nucleic acid collection and disinfecting robots become “workers”

At the moment when the epidemic is raging, nucleic acid proofs have become a must for our travel, but have you ever been troubled by the long queues and short opening hours? Now these problems can be solved.

This relies on intelligent nucleic acid detection robots that can work 24 hours a day without stopping. According to the personal test and the introduction of the staff, the nucleic acid sampling time of the robot launched at this exhibition is about 15~40 seconds. In this way, it can not only ensure the safety of medical staff, but also provide services throughout the day.

When I walked into the exhibition hall of SIASUN, an intelligent nucleic acid detection robot came into view. I held the mouthpiece and stood at the nucleic acid detection window. The robotic arm inside would do the nucleic acid preparation work, and then conduct nucleic acid detection according to the instructions.

The cotton swabs of this robot are very meticulous when performing nucleic acid testing. They will stay on the left and right sides of my mouth for a few seconds, and the total testing time will reach 30 to 40 seconds. According to the staff, this intelligent nucleic acid detection robot came in handy during the Shanghai epidemic in the first half of this year.

Before I went far, I saw the second nucleic acid detection robot. This is the intelligent throat swab collection robot developed by Aerospace Science and Industry. The robot can automatically peel and grab throat swabs.

I also tried this smart throat swab collection robot. I need to swipe my ID card at the bottom right of the robot, and my identity information will appear at the top of the screen. In addition, the collection robotic arm will grab the throat swab and put it Reach out to the front window. After I completed the preparations according to the video instructions, I pressed the left start button, and I could start the acquisition. The whole process is faster than SIASUN’s intelligent nucleic acid detection robot.

Yuanhua Intelligence also exhibited their intelligent nucleic acid detection robot, Shencai Robot. According to the staff, the nucleic acid detection robot is characterized by identification of witnesses. The face and documents are checked before starting the detection.

However, when I passed, the robot was not open for trial.

disinfecting robots closely related to nucleic acid detection can also be seen everywhere in the venue.

When I entered Hall B from Hall A, the first thing I saw was Robit’s killing robot, which patrolled the venue while spraying disinfectant. The misty liquid left in the air after it was sprayed, I did not pass by. Smell any peculiar, pungent odors.

The killing robot developed by Qinglang is different from Robid’s killing robot. Its entire body is cylindrical, and there are several small openings for spraying disinfectant on the top. An hour, it will consume about 500~1000 ml of disinfectant.

However, this disinfectant can be used in many types, and products such as 84 disinfectant can be used.

03. Pancakes and fruits come with a set of soothing massage once

For me, having a fragrant pancake fruit in the morning may be the happiest thing. And now, a robot can do it.

The first catering robot launched by Jiubing AI Catering can independently complete the production of pancakes and fruits, choose whether to add coriander, chopped green onion, etc. according to the needs of customers, and can automatically fold and pack cakes to realize the automation of the whole process.

Zhishi learned that this Jiubing pancake fruit robot can spread about 400 pieces a day.

In addition, the company has integrated all AI restaurants in the cloud, through AI distributed brain and cloud super brain for collaborative analysis, and then uploads daily operation data to the cloud for collaborative analysis, so that the robot can also conduct in-depth analysis according to customer habits. custom made.

After eating pancakes and fruits, who doesn’t want to come home from get off work and have another comfortable massage?

This big health massage robot comes from Ruiman Intelligence. The robot generates a massage trajectory based on infrared thermal imaging intelligence, and then cooperates with the flexible force control of the robotic arm and automatic temperature control to reproduce the “master-level” massage technique.

The massage robot can also be used with essential oils, so I was eager to try it, but unfortunately this exhibit was not open for experience at the time.

04. Help torchbearers send torch rehabilitation robots to compete

At this exhibition, there are also more exhibitors of rehabilitation robots. At present, my country’s rehabilitation robots are also in a period of rapid development. The popularization and promotion of the concept of rehabilitation in China is accelerating, and enterprises in this field are also moving from research and development to commercialization.

Passing through the aisle of the exhibition, I found an athlete wearing a Winter Olympics uniform walking with an exoskeleton. After understanding, this is the exoskeleton robot product launched by Dayai Robot. According to the staff, the exoskeleton product of Dayai Robot He was selected as the representative of the 2022 Winter Paralympic Torch Relay and Torch Collection to help athletes complete the torch relay. The core technology of their exoskeletons is self-developed.

In addition, Dayai Robot has also launched four series of exoskeleton robots for different training periods and different ages, namely Aidong, Aikang, Aitong, and Xiaoaikang, which can help people with different diseases and ages. Receive rehabilitation training.

In the SRT software robot exhibition area, I found a device that is constantly grasping tennis like a glove. This is the active and passive hand movement rehabilitation trainer launched by the SRT software robot, which can help patients with stroke and other rehabilitation training. By simulating the kinematic mechanism of the human body, it can help the human hand to achieve natural flexion, and can also extend in the opposite direction, so that it can help patients to perform rehabilitation training to a greater extent.

According to the staff, they currently have two products for medical use and household use. The price of household products is between 1600 and 2000 yuan, and the price of medical products is about 120,000 yuan.

05. Can surgical robots surpass human operation?

In addition to rehabilitation robots, exhibitors of surgical robots also occupy a part of the pavilion, and robots in medical, health and other fields have increased significantly, which is also related to the normalization of the epidemic to a certain extent.

Different from other robots, surgical robots are often composed of multiple parts, including a robotic arm device for operating operations, a display device to assist doctors in seeing the images in the patient’s body, and some foot pedals, all of which ensure that the surgical robot can The key to getting work done better and faster. I saw a wide variety of surgical robots covering surgery, joint surgery, orthopedic surgery, puncture surgery, endoscopic surgery, and more.

Among them, the surgical system of the Kondo robot consists of a patient operating platform, an imaging trolley, and a doctor’s console. The end of the robotic arm is equipped with a 3D high-definition endoscope and other surgical instruments. During surgery, the system can magnify the image more than 10 times, allowing doctors to see the patient’s internal anatomy more clearly. It also has a main operator with seven degrees of freedom, which can realistically simulate the doctor’s hand position and posture.

The Tianji orthopaedic surgical robot launched by Tianzhihang also contains devices similar to those of the Condo robot, including robotic arms, surgical screens, pedals, etc. With the support of these devices, doctors’ surgical efficiency can even be improved by 30%.

Focusing on Yuanhua intelligence in the field of orthopedic surgery assistant robots, the exhibits include its Gusheng Yuanhua knee joint surgical robot. The overall weight of the surgical robot is about 150kg, and its mechanical arm has 7 degrees of freedom. In addition, on the surgical screen interface, there are 335Hz binocular cameras. In order to ensure that the robot is more stable, the robot also adopts an adaptive balance chassis.

According to the staff, compared with traditional surgery, the accuracy of robotic-assisted TKA osteotomy will be better, and after the robotic robotic-assisted TKA training is mature, the average osteotomy time is only 7 minutes, and the average osteotomy time of traditional manual TKA is only 7 minutes. 14 minutes, which is a full half of the time.

Presumably seeing these behemoths, you are most concerned about safety issues. After all, compared with doctors, machines will greatly reduce the intimacy and trust of patients. Therefore, in order to ensure that the patient’s soft tissue will not be harmed during the operation, the robot also has the function of intelligent automatic power-off.

Shanghai MicroPort Robotics has developed an intelligent assisted puncture robot positioning system, Mona Lisa, which needs to be used in conjunction with ultrasound equipment, rectal probes and puncture guns to help urologists complete puncture under the guidance of rectal ultrasound. The advantage of this system is that it uses a 7-degree-of-freedom positioning structure, which can help doctors locate quickly.

It is worth mentioning that this intelligent assisted puncture robot positioning system will only leave two puncture holes on the patient, and the probability of postoperative complications will also be reduced.

Shurui is a company focusing on endoscopic surgical robots. Its surgical robot consists of a main control trolley and an operating trolley. It can magnify the doctor’s field of vision during the operation and act as a “magnifying glass” for the doctor. It can also bring minimal trauma to the patient, and the precision far exceeds the limit of manual operation.

At present, the company’s products have been used in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, etc.

The knee joint surgical robot developed by Hehua is suitable for total knee replacement surgery. According to the staff, the Hehua knee joint surgical robot has entered 25 tertiary hospitals and completed more than 700 surgeries. He said that in the medical field, knee surgery is still very difficult.

06. Jingdong “red” + Meituan “yellow” distribution robot players get together

Now we can see delivery robots in restaurants and hotels. Whether it is a national chain of hot pot restaurants, ordinary restaurants on the street, or a hotel where you go out to play and stay, or a shopping mall where you go shopping, you can see all kinds of delivery robots.

In the exhibition hall, Jingdong “Red” and Meituan “Yellow” are very eye-catching.

The Sirius shuttle developed by is mainly aimed at factories with high shelves like IKEA. According to the staff, its hardware is mainly shuttles, elevators, workstations, shelves, etc., and the software integrates WMS, WCS, Scada system.

On the ground, this is the world of the Earth Wolf shuttle. This is an unmanned handling intelligent robot product independently developed by It can achieve high-speed running speed and millimeter-level positioning accuracy through two-dimensional code navigation and high-precision servo control algorithm.

In addition, JD Logistics has also developed smart express delivery vehicles and smart retail vehicles outdoors, which can provide customers with “one-stop” services.

The staff also said that the six industry solutions of the integrated supply chain provided by JD Logistics can provide customized services for customers in different industries, and there are corresponding solutions from production, manufacturing, transportation to sales.

The 3D sorting robots, automatic delivery vehicles, intelligent airdrop cabinets, and drones developed by Meituan were all unveiled at the exhibition.

On a platform, the Meituan 3D sorting robot is completing the work step by step. The staff places the goods on its platform, and the yellow robot will deliver the goods according to the route, and finally put it in the designated location. When there were children who interfered with placing the goods, the rhythm of the Meituan 3D sorting robot was not disrupted.

In addition, Qinglang, which focuses on the field of distribution robots, has turned its target to the medical field this time after the layout of catering and hotels. They have developed a smart medical hospital logistics system solution for the central pharmacy, laboratory, and operating room of the hospital. , disinfection supply center logistics, logistics material logistics, waste material logistics and other solutions, according to the characteristics of different scenarios, equipped with multiple functions such as identity authentication and full-process traceability.

A full range of products such as reception service robots, intelligent delivery container robots, small delivery robots, luxury delivery robots, disinfecting robots, and food delivery robots developed by Robit also appeared at the exhibition. According to the staff, their products have already entered the practical application of Vienna International Hotel, Jin Jiang International and other enterprises.

07. Picking apples, spraying pesticides can also vaccinate pigs

The newly opened “Robot + Agriculture” at this exhibition also attracted enough attention.

In the busy season, picking agricultural products is a very important job, and it is also very tiring, requiring people to repeat the work continuously until the harvest is completed.

Therefore, in order to free people’s hands, so that people no longer need to spend a lot of time and energy to complete repetitive tasks, robot companies have developed a series of products that can pick apples and kiwis.

As an agricultural robot developer, Wuniu Intelligence exhibited a picking robot that can pick apples. After picking apples with the robotic arm gripper, it put it into the basket below and then finished picking.

In addition, their products also include unmanned orchard management machines, unmanned high ground clearance boom machines, agricultural picking robots and smart agricultural management and control cloud platforms. According to the staff, their product layout basically covers agricultural sowing to The whole process of harvesting.

I’ve also seen robots vaccinating pigs, but you’re probably like me, just seeing the demo doesn’t immediately think it’s vaccinating.

Jifei Technology’s agricultural drones also appeared at this exhibition. With the acceleration of the smart agriculture process, the application scenarios of these robots will continue to expand.

08. Conclusion: The practicality of robots is expected

After visiting the World Robot Exhibition, I found that the most people in this exhibition are students and children. They are very concerned about and enthusiastic about robots. Whether it is in the exhibition area or the competition area, you can hear their heated discussions on robots.

From the product point of view, bionic robots are still popular at the exhibition. There are always many onlookers in front of the booths of humanoid robots and robot dogs. Coupled with the launch of Xiaomi’s humanoid robot a while ago, and Musk’s warm-up, the category of humanoid robots is also more anticipated.

However, from the changes in the World Robot Conference in recent years, we can see that there are more and more robots with stronger practical value, such as food delivery robots, delivery robots, surgical robots, and rehabilitation robots, as well as picking robots and seeding robots. The emergence of emerging categories such as injection robots and vaccine injection robots has also verified that practicality has become more important for robot manufacturers.

In addition, with the normalization of the epidemic, there are more and more applications of nucleic acid and disinfecting robots, and people’s attention to physical health and hygiene is gradually increasing. high.

On the whole, the domestic robot market is still in a stage of rapid growth. At the same time, it is making efforts in different application scenarios, and the market is becoming more and more subdivided. /

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