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Tencent Tests Magic Theme Strategy Mobile Game “Codename: Renaissance”: Big Map, Hundreds of Arms



IT House reported on May 25 that Tencent’s magic-themed strategy mobile game “Code Name: Renaissance” is now recruiting for testing. Interested players can apply to participate in the testing on the WeChat official account of Tencent Game Players.

IT House attaches the official introduction of “Code: Renaissance”:

The flames of war in the magic world have been ignited. With the bones of strategy, the soul of magic, and the name of revival, we sincerely invite heroes from all over the world. Where the lord’s sword points, it is the territory of the future kingdom!

For the sake of faith and survival, the prelude to the war of races kicks off, and the winner can ascend the Iron Throne. Absolutely touching magic elements, real-time strategy integration on the big map. An infinite variety of terrains, adventures and environments. Unexpectedly mysterious and magical, with rich and diverse armaments. Will the light last forever, or will the night come forever. In this continent, everything is in your hands!

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