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Tencent Nintendo Switch launches extended warranty plan for a limited time, selling for 109 yuan



IT House News on May 27th, Tencent issued a document announcing that from June 1st to 30th, Tencent’s Nintendo Switch extended warranty plan will launch a limited-time discount. The original price of 159 yuan/year extended warranty service plan is only 109 yuan.

Note from IT House: Tencent’s Nintendo Switch extended warranty plan was first released in late December 2022. This plan is applicable to new purchases or “Nintendo Switch” and “Nintendo Switch (OLED version)” that are still under warranty. 1-year warranty extension available with paid participation in the program.

Tencent will refuse to provide maintenance services under the following circumstances:

  • There are traces of disassembly, modification (including software), repair, etc. that were not implemented by Tencent.

  • Various labels attached at the time of purchase (serial number label, rating label, etc.) are missing or appear to have been torn off.

  • Data created by abnormal usage methods (methods not described in product manuals, Tencent Nintendo Switch official website support pages, or software help manuals, etc.) or software not approved by Tencent are stored in recording media (the memory or micro SD card), or there are traces of saving.

  • Severe damage is present, and it is considered difficult to maintain its function even if it is repaired.

  • You want to repair damaged data in the recording media (memory in the main body of the device or micro SD card).

  • Faults or damages caused by use in operational or commercial scenarios.

  • Products or software not in Mainland China.

  • Other circumstances that Tencent believes should reject the application for replacement or repair.

Tencent announced the introduction of Nintendo Switch in 2019, and the Bank of China Switch officially went on sale on December 10, 2019, escorting the masterpiece “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition”.

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