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Tencent applied for registration of XR trademark, and has previously established relevant departments – yqqlm



IT House August 17 news, in June this year, it was reported that Tencent has established an XR (extended reality) department, which is affiliated to the Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG) in organizational structure, and its main task is to establish software for Tencent. and extended reality business including hardware. Recently, Tencent has made new progress in the XR field.

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According to the information of China Trademark Network,Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. applied for the trademarks “TENCENT XR” and “TENCENT XR WOOSA” on August 12,The international classification of the trademark is website services, social services. At present, the application progress of the trademark is in the process of application, and it has not yet entered the preliminary examination announcement.

According to previous reports, Tencent has established an XR business line that integrates software and hardware. In terms of software and games, Tencent is not only a shareholder of the “metaverse first share” Roblox, but also holds a 40% stake in Epic Games. In addition, QQ Music has also launched a VR album function this year, which is equipped with the function of a VR music room for musicians such as Jay Chou. In May of this year, Tencent established the XR game studio.

On the hardware side, Tencent showed off its first VR headset, TenVR, in 2018. TenVR is independently developed by Tencent Intelligent Innovation Business Unit (InLab), but the business unit has not demonstrated its iterative products since then.

IT House learned that XR (Extended Reality) is called Extended Reality, which refers to the combination of reality and virtuality through a computer to create a virtual environment that can interact with humans and machines. This is also the general term for AR, VR, MR and other technologies. . By integrating the visual interaction technologies of the three, it brings the experiencer an “immersion” of seamless transition between the virtual world and the real world.

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