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TECHE’s new 3D180VR camera starts pre-sale: supports 3D live broadcast, comes with RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, 13520 yuan



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IT House reported on May 7th that TECHE’s new 3D180VR camera is on pre-sale, with a deposit of 338 yuan and a pre-sale price of 13,520 yuan. It will officially go on sale at 0:30 on May 14th.

3D180VR has 2 F1.8 large-aperture optical lenses. It adopts a human-like interpupillary distance design, which enhances the 3D effect and reduces 3D dizziness. You can use the mobile app to start 3D live streaming, and support 3D video with one-click push to Douyin. Format short video platform.

The appearance of 3D180VR is made of aviation aluminum alloy and PC composite material. The weight of the whole machine is 750g. It comes with RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, which can be directly connected to 5G CPE equipment; built-in 512GB UFS high-speed storage module, which can reduce delay and camera energy consumption, and save more space ; The fuselage is equipped with dual microphones, simulating left and right ear stereo reception, and supports external panoramic sound mic.

3D180VR uses a one-inch CMOS sensor, provides 8K30 frame 3DVR live broadcast, and supports AI automatic beauty, face thinning, big eyes, whitening, etc. and various styles of filter beautification. AI automatic beautification automatically recognizes face data through the system’s built-in algorithm model, and quickly performs beautification according to the characteristics of the face.

3D180VR supports the SRT low-latency live broadcast protocol, which controls the delay of the entire live broadcast process (camera + live broadcast platform + playback + network transmission) to about 1 second.

IT Home attached product parameters:

Jingdong TECHE 3D180VR Live Camera 13520 yuandirect link

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