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TCL 15.6-inches 5K×3K Hi-Res Display Showcased Along With Dual-Fold And Much More



As a global semiconductor display representative, TCL Huaxing attended the conference with the theme of “Ultra-HD Vision, Eye Color Life”, was held in Guangzhou; where the world’s first new 15.6″ 5K×3K ultra-high definition high-end business notebook screen, and exhibited several star products, including small, medium and large size panels, covering TV, notebook, mobile phone, and other high-end display applications.

Ultra HD, ultra-narrow bezel, ultra-high color gamut: TCL 15.6-inches 5K×3K ultra-high definition high-end business notebook screen:

As the first new product launched in this exhibition, this high-end business notebook screen combines the advantages of ultra-high definition, ultra-narrow bezel, ultra-high color gamut, and high brightness in one. The product adopts TCL Huaxing LTPS technology, which is stronger than a-Si driving capability in TFT devices and can achieve higher resolution with PPI up to 376.6, making it the first ultra-high-definition high-end notebook display in the field of notebook display to reach 5K×3K.

To let users enjoy a truly ultra-clear world, TCL has improved the in-screen integration design to enhance screen integration and make the screen thinner and lighter; while achieving an ultra-narrow 1.4mm bezel with a screen-to-body ratio of 96%. Combined with a brightness of up to 500nits, complemented by a high color gamut of DCI-P3 100%, the screen is delicate and colorful, bringing consumers the ultimate high-definition experience, making it the first choice for high-end notebook HD displays.

The world’s narrowest bezel: TCL 17.3-inches 4K×2K Mini-LED Notebook Screen:

TCL 17.3-inches 4K×2K Mini-LED notebook screen is the world’s narrowest bezel Mini-LED high brightness backlight notebook display.

The product brings the potential of Mini-LED to its fullest potential, with features such as ultra-high contrast ratio of millions, high partition number of 1000+, high color gamut (NTSC up to 100%), HDR1000 compliance, and Local Dimming, etc. The brilliant colors bring a higher taste of the visual experience. At the same time, the product adopts the TCL Huaxing COF process to create the ultimate narrow bezel with a 97% screen-to-body ratio; a 120Hz high refresh rate, GTG fast response 3ms, providing the best solution for gaming notebooks.

TCL 17.3-inches 4K×2K Mini-LED Notebook Screen:
TCL 17.3-inches 4K×2K Mini-LED Notebook Screen:

With the extremely narrow bezel full screen, 120Hz high refresh rate combined with excellent image quality performance, TCL believes this product will inject new power into the high-end notebook display market.

The world’s first LCD high-end TV screen: TCL 85″ 8K 120Hz 1G1D display

The world’s first IGZO-based 85″ 8K 120Hz 1G1D high-end LCD differs from the usual a-Si-based 8K products in that it uses IGZO backplane technology, which provides superior electrical characteristics and more leading-edge advantages.

TCL 85" 8K 120Hz 1G1D Display
TCL 85″ 8K 120Hz 1G1D Display

The product applies 8Domain HVA LCD mode and 4mask IGZO backplane technology, with both wide viewing angle and a high contrast ratio of over 5000:1, and 4.5% penetration rate, which is 15% and 8% higher respectively compared to the same size amorphous silicon products. In addition, the power consumption is 30% lower compared to the same size amorphous silicon products, achieving the perfect fusion of ultimate HD and low power consumption.

TCL 75″ 8K MLED Star Obsidian Screen

The TCL 75″ 8K MLED Star Obsidian screen is equipped with TCL Huaxing’s self-developed glass-based active Mini-LED backlight drive technology, which features ultra-high contrast ratio, high brightness, and wide color gamut at millions of levels, while the amorphous silicon active backlight drive solution can achieve 5184 ultra-high partition number, presenting more realistic color and darkfield details and bringing high-end picture quality experience.

TCL 75" 8K MLED Star Obsidian Screen
TCL 75″ 8K MLED Star Obsidian Screen

TCL 17″ Printed OLED Scroll Screen

This “holy decree” shaped product adopts TCL Huaxing’s world-leading high-precision inkjet printing process and top light-emitting device structure, with a color gamut of up to 100%, presenting a more brilliant display effect. Color film filter removal effectively reduces the thickness of the screen, the curl characteristics are thus enhanced, so that the display also becomes like water softness, free to put away. The future display belongs to the new form of display, TCL Huaxing will mass production of printable OLED flexible display technology, so that the display device to insert the wings of flexibility.

TCL 17" Printed OLED Scroll Screen
TCL 17″ Printed OLED Scroll Screen

TCL 10″ Z1 Dual-Fold Flexible Screen: Multiform folding screen, Can be folded this way or that way

A general folding screen can either be folded outward or folded inward, while TCL Huaxing 10″ Z1 dual-fold flexible screen for the first time to achieve the two different folding forms of internal + external folding into one Z-shaped fold, both in the folded form as a general cell phone use, if fully expanded, can form a 10-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio tablet computer for multitasking operation, very cool. The larger screen is great for reading, gaming, and video viewing, and is also suitable for use with an external keyboard and mouse for file processing or other multitasking operations. This innovative design that folds for portability and offers a large screen experience when unfolded is amazing.

TCL Huaxing’s 10″ dual-fold flexible screen can be switched between cell phone – tablet – notebook in any form, and the teardrop-shaped inner folding radius is only 3mm, so the size can be carried around after folding, and after unfolding, it is a large 10.1″ screen for easy use for business office experience.

To meet the future ultra-high-definition intelligent display field driven by 5G, 8K, and AIOT, TCL Huaxing will further enhance the aggregation effect and driving ability in the display industry, and help the ultra-high-definition video industry ecosystem to improve continuously; with product technology innovation as the core driver, we will continuously increase the technical product strength, so that the display device can show a better visual world for users in a richer form.


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