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Tango Gameworks’ New Xbox Exclusive Coming Soon



With Tango Gameworks, designer Shinji Mikami has already released The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 and Ghostwire: Tokyo, a PS5 and PC-exclusive game that could launch on new platforms from March 2023. While a port to Xbox Series X|S is still under consideration, the Bethesda-owned studio, and thus Microsoft, would already have another project under its arm..

Billbil-kun, the confirmed French leaker, says Tango is going to announce and even release a kind of Hi-Fi Rush, mechanically exclusively on Xbox and PC. Revealing will be inevitable (but not necessarily tomorrow during Developer_Direct, Xbox executives backed the fact that only 4 already named games would be featured). It will be rated T for Teen by the ESRB and will be eligible for digital and standard edition.

His words join rumors spread a few days ago by Rand al Thor and Jez Corden on the XB2 podcast, who also heard about the launch in 2023 of an action game aesthetically reminiscent of Jet Set Radio. The concept art that the title was associated with was then discovered on an ArtStation account by artist Jamie Martin, who clarified that it was a shooter game set in a sci-fi universe. In the footsteps, netizens also discovered a logo filed in late 2022 and a trademark registration by Zenimax (owner of Bethesda) in 2020.

If the form of Hi-Fi Rush and the timing of its release are still unclear, then everything suggests that we should hear about this project soon. Logically, it should be included in Xbox Game Pass, which you can subscribe to in the Ultimate version from €12.99 per month.


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