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There are many skills in Word, but not many can be ranked. “Tab stop” is one of them. It can help us quickly achieve alignment and typesetting, and it can be used in many places in our work. Here, Teacher Yi will show you how powerful it is!

01.Disorder becomes order

As shown in the figure below, separating and sorting the squeezed text is not something that can be done with “spaces”!

1. Select all the content, and then double-click on the ruler to start marking the position. Start setting from right to left, double-click to enter the tab stop, set it to “right alignment”, and set it to “center alignment” in the middle. The position set here is the spacing we want to separate later.

2. Position the cursor at the position that needs to be separated, press the “Tab” key to separate, and then proceed in sequence. (Hint: After pressing the Tab key in some positions, there may be no obvious separation. It doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it, just continue to the next one.)

3. Maybe you feel that some positions are not adjusted properly, some are wide and some are narrow. At this time, we can select all the content, and then adjust all the “tabs” on the ruler until we are satisfied.

02、manual directory

Using the Tab key, we can also make manual directories.

Prepare the outline and page numbers first, then select all the content, find a point on the ruler where you want to position the page number, double-click to enter the “tab stop”, set the bottom alignment, and then select a “leader” to confirm. Finally, we position the cursor between the outline and the page number, and press the Tab key.

03、contract underscore

When making contracts, do you feel a headache because of setting the underscore? In fact, we can easily get these things done with just the Tab key.

Position the ruler, set the leading character, and finally press the Tab key, and the underline position can also be adjusted at will.

It is also very convenient to use tab stops to make recipes in Word.

1. Set the tab position from right to left, and select the leading character. It should be noted that there is no need to add a leading character to separate the two dishes.

2. After setting, press the tab key in turn to separate.

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Word Alliance (ID: Wordlm123)Author: Yi Xuelong

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