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Survival construction and management game “Wild West Age” will be released soon, 1080p high-definition requires GTX 1080 Ti



According to news from IT House on February 4, “Wild West Age” will be released on February 17, 2023. This is a game that combines role-playing, survival, life simulation, resource management and city building elements.

According to reports, the background of the game is the United States in the 19th century, where immigrants and pioneers are committed to advancing farther and farther from the Pacific coast-looking for a better life, business opportunities or adventure. They build farms, raise cattle, mine gold or build settlements and towns.

Game Features

  • Experience life in the grand west from a first-person or third-person perspective

  • Rich story with dozens of quests, branching dialogue and varying consequences

  • Create your own era that will last for decades and shape the bloody western like never before.

  • A sprawling open world with multiple environments, each full of dangers, treasures, secrets and lots of room to realize your city-building dreams

  • Survive the unforgiving wilderness with scorching middays, icy nights and beasts ready to eat you alive

  • From poor to rich to rich.Start with settlers, build your own ranch, and expand it into a thriving town

  • Explore abandoned mines and cave systems

  • Multi-level skill tree

  • A unique combination of RPG, survival, life simulation, resource management and city building

  • Explore the open world on horseback and admire stunning scenery

Allocate workers, manage resources and trade routes, and make your settlement flourish.

IT Home learned that the game supports Simplified Chinese, 720p low-quality graphics requires a GTX 1060 graphics card, and GTX 1080 high-quality graphics requires a GTX 1080 Ti graphics card.

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