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Stone smart washing machine A10 Ultra starts pre-sale, the new product pre-order price is 3399 yuan



News from IT House on May 19th, Stone Technology launched new productsSmart scrubber A10 Ultrais currently in pre-sale status.

Stone Technology intelligent floor scrubber A10 Ultra adopts a double-fitted brush design, which supports features such as double booster, double welt, double volume suction, double spray and double scraping; supports three-dimensional drying and intelligent timing washing and drying; supports It is antibacterial all day long. It can be used as a vacuum cleaner with a floor brush. It supports 17000Pa suction. It can be used with a bed brush to clean mattresses and sofas. It can be used with a brush and extension rod to clean the gaps in the house.

In addition, the Stone Technology smart floor scrubber A10 Ultra also supports Auto smart hosting, which can automatically sense the degree of dirt, adjust the suction, water volume, etc., and can also be connected to a mobile phone to perform function customization operations on the mobile phone App. In terms of battery life, the Stone Technology smart scrubber A10 Ultra has a built-in 4000mAh battery, which can scrub the floor for 40 minutes and vacuum for 60 minutes.

At present, the Stone Technology intelligent floor washing machine A10 Ultra has opened an appointment on the e-commerce platform.The pre-order price of new products is 3399 yuaninterested IT home partners can go to check.

JingdongRoborock Smart Scrubber A10 Ultra3399 yuandirect link

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