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Star Wars Jedi Survivor pushes PS5 and Xbox Series X to their limits



Even the Force can’t help PS5 and Xbox Series X with Star Wars Jedi Survivor, “next-gen” consoles are too fair.


The recently released new Star Wars Jedi Survivor game developed by Respawn Entertainment has received mixed reactions. Although the game is considered a high-quality AAA game based on the Unreal Engine 4, it has been heavily criticized for its technical issues, especially on the latest generation of consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. .

Low resolution or choppy frame rate

A technical analysis video posted on YouTube by Digital Foundry shows that console versions of the game perform poorly even on the most powerful platforms. In performance mode on the PS5, the game runs at a very low resolution, ranging from 648p to 864p. The image is then upscaled to 1440p using AMD FSR 2 technology. However, choppy frame rates on PS5 and Xbox Series X leave a lot to be desired, with large fluctuations of up to 45fps instead of a steady 60fps.

PS5 game options // Frandroid

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Quality Mode on PS5 delivers the best experience with native resolution up to 1440p and upscaling up to 4K. However, performance is sometimes below 30fps. Fortunately, owners of modern TVs with VRR are spared annoying picture tearing.

It’s important to note that ray tracing cannot be disabled except on the Xbox Series S, where it cannot be enabled. Ray tracing is used for global illumination and reflections in the game. The ability to turn it off could provide improved framerates in performance mode, allowing players to enjoy smoother gameplay on their consoles.

A major patch released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X aims to improve game performance, but don’t expect a major performance boost. This patch mainly aims to fix many bugs and issues that players are facing.

Can we still call these consoles “the next generation”? The latest generations of graphics cards, whether from Nvidia or AMD, are vastly superior in performance. When can we expect the PlayStation 5 Pro to arrive?

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