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Spotify supergrouper: what is it and how do you use it?



Spotify is always found adding new features, For example, being able to see what your friends are listening to in real time, which will soon be possible on the platform.

Now, Spotify has launched a new feature called Supergrouper that allows users to join the sounds of your favorite artists, as if it were a single song.

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite artists would sound like if they decided to collaborate, with Supergrouper you can get rid of doubts.

What is Spotify Supergrouper?

This function allows you mix the sounds of different artists automatically. All you have to do is select the artists you want to join in a band and assign a role to each one. Supergrouper gives you the power to create these new bands and share your creative combinations with whoever you want.

How to use Spotify Supergrouper

  • The first thing you should do is make sure that your Spotify app is up to date.
  • Once the previous step is verified, visit from your mobile device.
  • Now select the artists you want to participate in the band. You can select from three to five artists max.
  • Once the artists have been chosen, you must assign a role to each one. Among the different roles is The Lead, The Lyricist, The Hypeman and more.
  • If you feel a bit lost, you can also opt for the random selection where Spotify will do the entire selection process and assign the roles automatically. Spotify will select the artists according to your musical tastes.
  • Assign him a Name to your creation.
  • And ready! Now you can share and listen all the combinations you have made. Supergrouper will create a playlist personalized for you. In addition, you will receive a personalized card so you can share your creations with friends and followers from your social networks.

Have you tried this new Spotify feature yet? And if you liked this article, You will surely be interested in how to see the history of songs you have listened to on Spotify.

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