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Splatoon 3: all the news from the latest Nintendo Direct



During the day todayNintendo has broadcast a new Direct dedicated to Splatoon 3. In the movie, sent online in the early Italian afternoon, the Kyoto house showed some of the details of the new game, which will be available starting from September 2022.

The live broadcast began by presenting the various game modes present within the game and their gameplay. As shown in the video, in Splatoon 3 it will be possible to use ink to hide or climb walls, while to recharge it you will need to dive. There are also new techniques, such as wheelie and spin, which allow you to surprise your opponents.

As for the scenarios, beyond those already confirmed, we find Fruity Market, Coloropoli, the Museum of Cefalò, Ponte Sgombro, Villanguilla and many others, which have not yet been announced and will be added via free updates shortly after launch. From the day of arrival of the shops, 12 scenarios will be available. There is also room for a new weapon, called the Blade Wiper, which can be used for long range and melee attacks.

There is also no shortage of news for special weapons, like the Refreshing, which provides drinks for the team with some bonuses for each player, the explosive sonar, which unleashes waves all around and marks the position of an enemy dealing damage, and the speedboat, which allows you to charge towards the opponents. The weapons will also be available at Armand’s Ancient Armory, which allows you to purchase weapons using licenses, which can be earned through the game.

Great space was also dedicated to the personalization of the characters. As shown in the video, in Splatoon 3 it will be possible to find different shops scattered around the various locations, which will allow you to change the aesthetics of your character, each with a certain type of clothing, from headgear to shoes. Each item has abilities that can affect combat and your games, and it will be possible to save your favorite styles to be able to reuse them immediately, without having to lose any combinations.

The game lobby will include several games and playlists, such as anarchist matches, or the possibility of practicing also in a cooperative in a modality called Silhouettes. There will also be replays of the most recent games and share them with other players, uploading them to the game server. There will also be space for a locker, which can be used to store equipment and weapons. The locker will also be subject to an important customization, where it will be possible to change colors, stickers and much more.

Splatoon 3 will also be enriched with a new mode, called Splattanza, who will use collectible cards and tetris. The mode will be included in the base game and each player will receive a starting deck. Battles are inspired by shellfish melee, but Nintendo has promised us more in-depth news on this mode in the near future.

Great space was also dedicated to Salmon Run series, with the introduction of new salmonids, each of which with a specific skill and characteristics that make it unique. This mode will also be included from launch in the game for all players. Also present is the Big Run mode, which will be included in Salmon Run, but even in this case Nintendo has promised to disclose more information about it before launch. Nintendo also presented the official app for mobile devices, called SplatNet 3, which will allow you to obtain special wallpapers for your smartphone, as well as help organize the social aspect of the game. The app will be available when the game is released, for iOS and Android devices. Finally, the return of SplatFest has been confirmed, as expected, with three teams to choose from. The first will be held on 27 August, from 10:00 to 22:00 Italian, and will see three main teams, namely Sasso, Forbice and Carta.

Every three months Nintendo will support the game for two years, with constant updates which will introduce new scenarios, new weapons and more, such as X matches and League matches. There is also a paid DLC, much larger, of which, however, we do not know the details yet.

Splatoon 3 will be available starting from 9 September 2022, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Keep following Tom’s Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline.

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