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Spectrum classic game “Three Kingdoms: Aspirations 2” Steam release, 49 yuan – IT Home



According to news from IT House on March 24, Spectrum Information’s classic game “Three Kingdoms: Aspirations 2” is now on sale on Steam, priced at 49 yuan.

game introduction:

In addition to strengthening many popular features of the first generation, “Three Kingdoms Aspirations II” has added many new designs, such as: the ability to freely choose the monarch of the Three Kingdoms, the characters can ride horses to fight, locomotives, various new strategies, etc., whether it is old or not Some features or newly added designs allow players to add different game fun. Players also have the highest degree of freedom in the game, which general to recruit, which skills to exercise, and which city to attack.

The game supports Chinese subtitles and audio, and can run smoothly on mainstream graphics.

Steam link:Click here to go

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