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SpaceX Starship starship completes first wet drill, is about to go to orbit – yqqlm



IT House News on January 25th, SpaceX’s Starship starship starship is one step closer to launch.The company recently completed the rocket’s first wet rehearsalDuring the test, the staff successfully injected about 4,540 metric tons of liquid oxygen and methane fuel into the rocket, and performed a series of countdown procedures that need to be completed on the launch day.

SpaceX stated: “This test will help verify the complete launch countdown process, and starship and orbital pad performance required for light flight operations. “

According to SpaceX,The success of this test means that the orbital flight of Starship is expected to be completed in the next few months.

Next, SpaceX estimates that it needs to conduct some field tests. The most critical one should be to start the static ignition test of all 33 Raptor engines at the same time. SpaceX officials said that they are preparing for the ignition test.

If SpaceX successfully completes this static fire test, it will mean that SpaceX is close to completing all pre-launch preparations before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues the company with a launch permit.Musk previously said that the Starship will eventually fly to space in late February or early March this year..

▲ Starship’s first wet exercise, picture source SpaceX

The most recent flight of the starship is in 2021. The spacecraft prototype SN15 rose to an altitude of 10 kilometers above the ground without a super heavy booster, and then returned to the ground for landing smoothly. In Starship’s upcoming first orbital flight test, the Super Heavy booster will carry the prototype into orbit, separate and land on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The Starship is scheduled to splash down on the coast of Hawaii after completing a brief space trip in Earth orbit.

▲ Starship’s first wet exercise, picture source SpaceX

If all goes well with Starship’s first orbital flight, there will be more testing events in 2023. Currently, SpaceX is participating in NASA’s Artemis moon landing program,The plan is to send cargo and astronauts to the moon with a starship.

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