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Space For Sale presented by THQ Nordic: all the details on the space game



Only yesterday, THQ Nordic had registered the trademark Space for Sale and today, in the course of THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022, we found out what it is. Basically, it is a new survival sandbox in which we will be called to take on the role of a little astronaut.

This astronaut will have to build houses, shops, businesses using the materials he finds on the planet. After all, there is plenty of space to sell. Moreover, thanks to the isometric view, you will easily be able to move around the game world, thus having a general idea of ​​what is being built and what still needs to be built.

The graphics are very cartoony, but pleasant. An extremely positive factor, at least apparently, is the inclusion of a vast bestiary. These alien creatures will give you a hard time on your adventureso you will have to try first of all to build a shelter and, perhaps, a fence to be able to move safely.

Therefore, this is the real novelty of this THQ Nordic Digital Showcase: it is a new IP that, however, maintains the cornerstones that have made sandbox games so loved in the world. Not surprisingly, Minecraft, just a sandbox game, is among the most talked about (positively) titles of all time.

The choice of the Austrian software house, therefore, it looks spot on and this title looks promising. Combining crafting, constructions and more or less cute creatures that, depending on their nature, will help or hinder you, in this historical moment, seems a choice destined to pay.

A release date has not been announced, so to find out more about Space for Sale we will have to wait and wait a little longer, on the other hand THQ Nordic has announced that it will be a PC exclusive. Nothing to do, therefore, for console gamers: to get their hands on the new born of the Austrian development house they will have to wait (and it is not sure if they will be able to play it) or use their PC.

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