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Soon you will be able to play PlayStation Vita games on your Android phone



One of the benefits of having Android is that you can download emulators and play your favorite console games. We already have a variety of high end emulators that allow players to relive the past and play classic games for hours. Well, there’s another one ahead. And it will let you play the best PlayStation Vita games!

The Android Vita3K port will be released this Sunday. And by installing it on your phone, you can freely run any PlayStation Vita games that are publicly available for download. However, there is a catch!

Vita3K PlayStation Vita emulator will not be available on the Play Store

Developer Macdu provided all the information about the release on the project’s Discord channel. And judging by the ratings, you shouldn’t expect Vita3K to be available on the Play Store. Instead, the developer will offer the APK file and all subsequent updates on the Discord channel.

Moreover, the development notes that the Sony PlayStation Vita emulator will not be energy-intensive. The minimum system requirements for the emulator are an Arm64 chipset with Vulkan 1.0 support. And the device must be Android 7.0 or above. However, we don’t know the minimum SoC and RAM requirements yet.

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However, the developer notes that you can play most PlayStation Vita 2D games if your device meets the minimum requirements. And it should be noted that the developer used POCO F3 to create the port.

In addition to this, the developer states that this Vita3K Android port supports custom drivers on Snapdragon devices. In particular, devices in the Adreno 600 series and above will be able to use Turnip’s open source graphics driver, resulting in a “significant increase in speed.”

However, we will definitely get more information about the PlayStation Vita emulator when it releases on February 12th. So stay tuned for more information.

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