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Sony says PlayStation leads Switch and Xbox in brand momentum



IT House news on May 25th, Sony officially released a business report recently,It shows that in terms of brand momentum (Brand Momentum), PlayStation has higher momentum than Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox.

Sony has drawn this graph based on the percentage of respondents over the last 5 years, saying that PlayStation outperforms “Brand B” (Nintendo) and “Brand C” (Xbox) in terms of “Overall Momentum”

According to the chart, Sony’s brand momentum peaked when the PS5 was launched in 2020, and has remained at a steady high for the next six years.

Note from IT House:Brand momentum refers to a combination of factors such as a brand’s market position, market influence, and its ability to consistently beat competitors.

Brand Momentum primarily throughquality(product value proposition, ecology, etc.),speed(market agility, ability to keep up with change) anddirection(The sum of management vision as perceived by customers plus brand integrity) Three factors are measured.

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