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Sony makes a move in Japan, and the prices of TVs, cameras, lenses, earphones and other products will increase by 14% from February 1



News from IT House on January 25th, Sony Japan’s official website released an announcement today,Will be available from February 1, 2023to revise the manufacturer’s ex-factory prices for some products sold in Japan.

Sony said that due to the impact of the recent external environment, raw material costs, manufacturing, and logistics costs have soared, and the shipping price will be revised as follows:The average increase was 14%. At the same time, products that set a manufacturer’s suggested retail price,Implementation of Suggested Retail Price Modifications.

Affected products include:

Sony Bravia TV, Blu-ray Disc Recorder, Blu-ray Disc Player/DVD Player, Sound Bar, Home Theater System, Component Audio, Video Projector, Digital Single Lens Camera, Digital Single Lens Camera Alpha[E 卡口] Lenses, digital video cameras, digital cameras, professional video cameras, radios, CD radios, radios, active speakers, neck speakers, portable audio players, IC recorders, tape recorders, earphones, recording media, etc.

IT House found that,The announcement is currently only released on Sony Japan’s official websiteit is unclear whether it will expand to global markets.

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