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Sony A7R5 camera update Ver.2.00 firmware, bringing four major upgrades



IT House March 30 news, Sony announced the launch of the A7M5 camera (ILCE-7RM5) Ver.2.00 firmware updatebringing four major upgrades.

1. Added support for Creators’ App.

The new Creators’ App replaces the Imaging Edge Mobile app.

Creators’ App enables image transfer from camera to smartphone, remote shooting, and various functions.

2. Added the function of improving security when using the Creators’ App or Imaging Edge Desktop for remote shooting or image transmission.

Imaging Edge Desktop needs to be updated to the latest version (Ver.3.6 or later).

3. Added the function of using the custom key to switch the priority focus on the face.

4. Improved the overall stability of the camera.


IT House friends can download the upgrade file from the link at the end of the article:

  • 1. Read the “Online Download Agreement” at the end of the article.

  • 2. Check “Please read and accept the online download agreement to obtain the download file”, click the “Download” button, and save the file[BODYDATA.DAT]on the computer.

  • 3. Insert the memory card or connect it to the computer through a card reader, and save the[BODYDATA.DAT]file in the root directory of the memory card (first-level directory).

  • 4. Insert the memory card into SLOT1.

firmware upgrade

1. Turn on the power of the camera.

2. Press [Menu] key->[设置]-> [设置选项] -> [版本] click [软件更新].

3. The camera screen will display the firmware version number before and after the update, and upgrade precautions.After reading, click the [执行]the upgrade starts.

4. The upgrade takes about 6 minutes. During the upgrade process, the screen is blank and the access indicator light is blinking.

5. The flashing of the access indicator will change according to the progress of the upgrade, the sequence is: 1 repeated flash -> 3 repeated flashes -> 5 repeated flashes.

6. The camera will restart automatically, and the following prompt will appear, indicating that the upgrade is complete. Keep the camera powered on until the upgrade is complete.

7. Check the firmware version Follow the steps below to check that the firmware version has been upgraded to Ver.2.00.

according to [Menu] key->[设置]-> [设置选项] -> [版本]

Ver.2.00 firmware:click to download

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