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Smart electric mid-to-large SUV, NIO EL7 starts delivery in Europe_China IT News



News from IT House on February 1st, NIO announced today that the smart electric medium and large SUV NIO EL7 starts delivery in Europe.

NIO said that as the first batch of Dutch users like to mention EL7,Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway will also start delivery in succession.

IT Home learned that NIO held the NIO Berlin 2022 event in Berlin last October, announcing the launch of services in the four markets of Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden.

Weilai said at that time that its three models, ET7, EL7 (ES7) and ET5, would be the first to land in the Shikoku market.Users can choose models with different configurations and different battery capacities to subscribe according to their own needs, the minimum lease period is 1 month and the maximum is 5 years. Subscription prices generally range from 1,000 Euros (about 7,330 RMB) to 1,500 Euros (about 10,995 RMB) per month.

After the “subscription model” was interpreted by the industry as a sales model of “rent only, not sell”, Weilai announced the purchase price of the three models of ET7, EL7, and ET5 in the German market in November last year.And start delivery in early 2023. Among them, the price of the EL7 delivered this time is as follows:

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