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Skyworth launches D60U PRO Mini LED display: universal hovering bracket / 4K HDR1000, 2999 yuan



According to news from IT House on May 25, Skyworth has launched a new flagship 4K MiniLED professional design display F27D60U PRO, 4K HDR1000 specifications, equipped with a universal hovering bracket, and the initial price is 2999 yuan.

IT Home organizes the introduction of Skyworth D60U PRO Mini LED display as follows:

This monitor comes standard with a universal hovering bracket that is rare in the industry, and has professional performances such as 27-inch MiniLED backlight technology, 1152 backlight partitions, 2304 lamp beads, 1.07 billion colors, and 96W full-featured TypeC.

As the flagship Mini LED professionally designed display, Skyworth F27D60U PRO has 1152 partitions for light control, which is 3 times that of ordinary 384 partitions. Coupled with the blessing of 2.0 light control technology, F27D60U PRO greatly reduces halo interference, and the uniform and detailed light distribution and dimming function can easily achieve more precise light control effects. Local Dimming technology supports independent control of on/off partition backlight, which can adapt to the needs of more scenarios.

This display adopts 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, supports HDR1000 high image resolution technology, 1000nit peak brightness, has 10bit color depth and ΔE<2 color accuracy, and supports 99.9% sRGB, 95% Adobe RGB, and 95.5% DCI-P3 three colors Domain switching.

The universal hover bracket can realize 180-degree free adjustments such as extension, retraction, rotation, height and tilt. The display is equipped with a 96W Type-C interface, which can be connected to MacBook,ipad and other equipment.

JingdongSkyworth 27-inch Mini LED Display F27D60U Pro 4K 1.07 billion colors 96W Type-C 1152 partitions 2999 yuandirect link

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