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Shenzhou Announces God of War’s Top Gaming Laptop G10 / G12: Equipped with RTX 3070 Ti / 3080 Ti



IT House news on August 16th, tonight, Shenzhou announced the new God of War top game notebook G10 / G12, equipped with RTX 3070 Ti / 3080 Ti, released on August 18th.

Officially,The RTX 3070 Ti / 3080 Ti on the new G10 / G12 supports the direct connection of the independent display, which can realize the release of full blood power consumption performance. At present, the official has not announced the detailed configuration information of the new G10 / G12.

IT House has reported that at the beginning of this month, Shenzhou released the Ares T8 series of gaming notebooks, the latest Intel 12th generation i7-12700H / 19-12900H processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 independent graphics, supporting independent graphics direct connection; using 16-inch high brightness 2.5 K’s high-resolution 100% sRGB high color gamut 165HZ high refresh rate IPS screen starts at 7399 yuan.


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