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Seven films in the Spring Festival file jointly called for “reject piracy and boycott screen capture” – IT HOME



IT House reported on January 24 that seven blockbuster films gathered during the Spring Festival this year, and the film market is extremely lively. As of January 24 (the third day of the Lunar New Year), the total box office of the Spring Festival has exceeded 3.6 billion yuan. However, in the form of a good box office, piracy and piracy have also appeared.

Today, the producers of seven new films for the Spring Festival in 2023 jointly issued a proposal,Call on movie audiences and film practitioners to resist piracy, maintain market order, and civilized competition.

In order to create a good market atmosphere, create a good viewing environment, and establish a standardized industry order, “The Wandering Earth 2”, “Bear Infested·Stay with Me “Bear Core”, “Chinese Ping Pong”, “Manjianghong”, “Exchanging Life” and “No Name” “Deep Sea” jointly issued a statement today, advocating that everyone “Joint boycott against piracy, strict prevention of piracy and piracy;Strictly abide by and consciously maintain market order and industry agreements, and call on the audience to enter the theater to enjoy the most perfect audio-visual enjoyment! “

In addition to calling on everyone to protect copyrights, this “Proposal Letter” “To Every Film Audience and Film Practitioner” also specifically pointed out that,Recently, a large number of public opinion phenomena such as “ghost field” and “stealing box office” have appeared on various social platforms. After preliminary verification, most of them are malicious rumors with a rhythm to gain attention, purposefully trampling and discrediting the same film, and coercing public opinion to affect the fairness of the market.

IT Home learned that the seven films also jointly voiced their proposal, “Civilized competition among peers, rational competition, we oppose irrational competition behaviors that slander and criticize each other among peers, and prohibit the use of unfair competition to disrupt the market. We appeal to viewers and friends who really care about and love movies, not to participate in spreading malicious and false remarks.”

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