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Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED / Lifestyle Smart TV Receives VDE “Circadian Rhythm Display” Certification



IT House News on January 26, Samsung announced that its 2023 new Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs have received VDE’s “Circadian Rhythm Display” certification. This proves that the Eye Care Mode on Samsung’s latest TVs can help people maintain a healthy circadian rhythm to fall asleep and wake up on time.

The circadian rhythm is the body’s internal clock that tells the user when to sleep and wake up. This clock resets every 24 hours and works by responding to the light around us. Since the pandemic, people are spending far more time indoors than before. This means they are not exposed to changing natural light throughout the day. As a result, people’s circadian rhythms may become out of sync, which can lead to irregular sleep patterns and problems with alertness.

Samsung is trying to solve this problem with the “Eye Comfort” feature in some of its 2023 smart TVs.Samsung TVs can simulate natural outdoor light by automatically balancing light exposure and color temperature. This feature claims to control the user’s circadian rhythm and is approved by VDE, Germany’s electrical engineering certification body. This means that even if the user stays indoors watching TV, Samsung’s 2023 TV with Eye Comfort function can help users fall asleep on time.

IT Home learned that the Eye Comfort function will be available in the Neo QLED series of Samsung Q70C and higher models. In the Lifestyle collection, the feature will be available on The Frame, The Serif and The Sero models. Samsung also announced that its TVs have received VDE’s Eye Care certification, UL’s Glare Free certification and Pantone’s color accuracy certification. Recently, Samsung also introduced Relumino mode, which can help visually impaired people watch TV content more clearly.

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