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Samsung SmartThings Station goes on sale in South Korea: build a smart home Hub and give a SmartTag



IT House reported on January 25 that Samsung previously released the SmartThings Station, which will be launched in the Korean market on January 25. The device is available for its debut in South Korea through the Samsung Online Store and Digital Plaza, and Samsung has prepared a gift for early buyers.

Users who purchase SmartThings Station through Samsung Korea Online Store and Digital Plaza before February 28 will receive a Galaxy SmartTag for free.

However, South Korea’s SmartThings Station pricing details were not mentioned, but the device is expected to sell for $60 (currently about 407 yuan)-$80 (currently about 542 yuan) in the United States. The Samsung SmartThings Station will go on sale in South Korea this month, and the US is scheduled to go on sale in early February.

It’s unclear if other markets will also give away SmartTags, which can be attached to belongings, keys, and more to track their location through SmartThings Find.

The Samsung SmartThings Station was announced at CES 2023. This product is deeply integrated with the SmartThings platform,As a hub for smart home devices, including controlling power outlets, thermostats, smart curtains, home appliances, etc.. In addition, it can also be used as a wireless charging pad for Galaxy devices, with a charging speed of 15W.

With SmartThings Station, users can set up routines such as turning off lights or controlling other smart devices. IT Home learned that users can use the SmartThings app to create up to three routines for the Hub, which can be activated by pressing the smart button on the SmartThings Station. These three actions can be invoked with a short press, long press or double tap on the smart button. Users can also start a routine directly from the SmartThings app.

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