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Samsung finally admits that the curved screen is not optimal and has flattened the Galaxy S23 Ultra by 30%



IT House News on February 4th Curved screens have been used on many Samsung devices over the years, to the dismay of some customers. Coupled with the S Pen stylus, the significance of the curved screen is even less obvious. Now that Samsung has finally admitted it, the sides of the screen of the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship phone are finally flat.

Samsung’s previous flagships were equipped with hyperbolic screens. This often results in unpleasant reflections on the sides of the screen, and in some cases, higher repair costs, as well as more complicated and expensive screen protectors.

With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has largely done away with curved screens, with only slight curves on either side of the display, more in line with the characteristics of mainstream smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series maintained this, but Samsung took a step back with the Galaxy S22 Ultra bringing back curved screens, while the Galaxy S22 and S22+ have completely flat screens.

IT House learned that in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra,Curved glass edges make the S Pen physically harder to use along the side of the display, because it can easily slip off the side if you get too close to the edge. This scheme design is ridiculous.

With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung is correcting this by reducing the curvature of the screen.

According to 9to5Google, Samsung claims that the glass arc on both sides of the Galaxy S23 Ultra display has been reduced by 30%.This increases the perfectly flat surface area by about 3%, and it’s pretty obvious to see in person.

The wide 6.8-inch edge-to-edge display on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is sharper than the Galaxy S22 Ultra because the display has 30% less curvature, creating a larger and flatter surface area for the best viewing experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone .

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s “workable area is basically completely flat.” The only real side effect is that the bezels look slightly larger, simply because the curves aren’t hidden well.

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