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Samsung Display previews rollable screens and OLEDs that take your blood pressure



Samsung Display has unveiled a handful of displays that could help to make our phones, tablets, and laptops more portable without reducing their screen size, and a display that can measure your blood pressure.

Currently being demoed at Los Angeles Convention Center in California as part of the SID Display Week 2023, the Rollable Flex display is a new screen that can unfurl like a scroll, morphing from just 1.9 inches long (49mm) to 10 inches (254mm). In a press release, Samsung explains it hopes this new screen can help “turn a difficult-to-carry large-sized display into a portable form factor.”

This is merely a demo right now – it’ll likely be a while before a gadget puts Samsung Display’s Rollable Flex panel to use – but in the right hands we could see some interesting designs. Your tablet could roll up into a rod shape for carrying around, for example, and those of us who like a multi-monitor setup could carry a rollable second screen with us to use with our laptops.

Samsung Display’s Rollable Flex panel (Image credit: Samsung Display)

Samsung Display is also demoing new folding screen designs that look to be perfect for smartphones – so we may see them used in follow-up devices to Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, or Google’s recently unveiled Google Pixel Fold.

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