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Sam Altman responds: OpenAI has no plans to leave Europe – small tech news



IT House news on May 27, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (Sam Altman) said in the latest tweet,OpenAI has no plans to leave Europe.

Altman said in a tweet that in the past week, he has met with many European heads of state and had a fruitful dialogue on how to better regulate artificial intelligence. IT Home attaches a screenshot of the tweet here as follows:Altman said that he is very happy to continue to operate in the European market, and naturally has no plan to leave.

OpenAI will try to comply with European regulations before considering an exit, Altman said Wednesday at an event in London. “The current draft EU AI bill would create a situation of over-regulation, but we hear that it will be rolled back,” he said. “They are still talking about it.”

Earlier this month, EU lawmakers reached consensus on the draft bill. It will now be debated by representatives of the European Parliament, Council and Committee to hammer out the final details of the bill.

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