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Russia: Plans to build its own space station in 2027, showing the final appearance on April 12 this year



According to news from IT House on January 24, Borisov, general manager of the Russian National Aerospace Corporation, said on January 24 local time that Russia plans to build its own space station in 2027, and the final appearance of the space station will be displayed on April 12 this year.

Borisov also said that he plans to increase the number of artificial satellites in space in Russia from the current 200 to 1,000 by 2030.

IT Home understands that there are currently only two space stations in operation in the world. One is the International Space Station jointly built by six Western space agencies including the United States and Russia. The participating national agencies include the National Space Administration, the European Space Agency, and the Russian Federal Space Agency. , the Canadian National Space Agency, the Japanese Aerospace Research Agency and the Brazilian Space Agency, and the other is China’s self-built Chinese Tiangong Space Station.

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