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Riot Games confirms the source code of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics has been stolen – small tech news



News from IT House on January 25,Riot Games announces systems hacked on Jan. 21, but there is no indication that player data or personal information was stolen. Riot Games stated at the time that this temporarily affected their ability to publish content,Expected to affect patch cadence for several of its upcoming games.

Last night, Riot Games disclosed an update on last week’s cyber attack.Analysis confirmedSource code for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and an anti-cheat platform stolen by attackers.

Riot Games revealed that it received a blackmail email yesterday, but they “will not pay.”Riot said that while this attack broke their build environment and could cause problems in the future, they still believeNo player data or player personal information was leaked.

Riot Games noted that any source code leaks would increase the likelihood of new cheats appearing. Since the attack, Riot Games has been assessing its impact on anti-cheat and is preparing to deploy fixes as soon as possible if needed.

IT Home learned that the leaked source code also includes some experimental functions.Riot Games stated that while they hope some of these game modes and other changes will eventually make it to players,Most of the content is still in the prototype stage and there is no guarantee that it will eventually be released.

Riot Games also stated that its security team and external consultants will continue to assess the attack and review the system. The company has also notified law enforcement agencies and is actively cooperating with them in investigating the attack and the organization behind it.

Additionally, Riot GamesA full report will be published in the future, detailing the techniques of the attackers, and the steps Riot is taking to ensure such incidents never happen again.At the same time, the fist gameFixes are coming later this week and will continue on the regular patch cadence.

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