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Reporting Center of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China: Since August last year, 12 platforms including Weibo and Douyin have flagged more than 250,000 rumors



IT House reported on January 25 that the Reporting Center of the Central Network Information Office announced that since August last year, the Reporting Center of the Central Internet Information Office has focused on social and people’s livelihood areas of concern to the people, organizingWeibo, Douyin, Baidu, Tencent, Kuaishou, Toutiao, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, 360, Zhihu, Douban, UC Browser12 other websites and platforms continue to carry out online rumor labeling work, verifying and labeling online rumors that netizens have strongly reported in fields such as epidemic prevention and control, health, food safety, education and employment.

Up to now, 425 rumor-refuting tags have been released through the China Internet Joint Rumor-Refuting Platform,Major websites and platforms mark more than 250,000 rumors according to the rumor labelfocusing on blocking the spread of rumors and squeezing the living space of rumors.

The reporting center of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China stated that since the launch of online rumor labeling work, the reporting center has strengthened its acceptance of reports from netizens and rumor clues provided by website platforms. In response to online rumors such as “the State Council’s joint prevention and control team is officially delisted”, “airplanes are sprayed and sprayed to kill the whole city”, “you can receive subsidies every day during the epidemic”, “the state requires the express delivery industry to close on January 8”, and jointly with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Health The Commission, the State Administration of Municipal Supervision and other departments and local network letter reporting agencies conduct authoritative verification,Relying on the China Internet Joint Rumor Repelling Platform “Internet Rumor Refutation Labeling Work Zone” to release rumor refutation labels in a timely manner for centralized exposure.

Key website platforms actively implement the main responsibility, conduct in-depth research on the data of the platform based on authoritative releases, check and label the rumors on the platform; update the rumor column or special rumor account in a timely manner, and release authoritative rumor information. Websites such as Weibo, Tencent, and Douyin have done a good job of checking and labeling resources on the site.During the Spring Festival, the Reporting Center will also guide key websites and platforms to do a good job of monitoring, verifying and refuting rumors related to Spring Festival travel, traffic safety, food and medicine health, etc.and continue to create a good network environment for the majority of netizens to celebrate the festive and peaceful Spring Festival.

According to the person in charge of the reporting center, the work of labeling online rumors is an important measure to rectify the chaos of online rumors and clear up the cyberspace. In 2023, we will continue to promote the work of labeling online rumors, and continue to improve the linkage mechanism for online rumors.Organize more key website platforms to increase efforts to eliminate and expose online rumors. The friends of IT House can jointly dispel rumors through the China Internet platform ( to provide rumor clues and verify Internet rumors.

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