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>> LEGO 2K Drive is available for pre-order now!

LEGO 2K Drive is, as the name suggests, a racing game set in the LEGO universe published by 2K. But that’s just the core of the game, because LEGO 2K Drive is so much more.

Among the various game modes available, it will be possible to participate in mini-games in single and multiplayer, or go on an open world adventure (treated as a story mode), or simply race.

The racing will be very similar to the latest version of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the ability to change the type of vehicle. Even if we have the same vehicle in the plumbing game, it adapts to the environment we are in (land, sea, sky…). On the other hand, LEGO 2K Drive changes our vehicle (car, boat, plane…). There are also items in the same style as shells and bananas. A way to make the game fun and fun.

The story mode will be in the form of an open world, like in Forza Horizon. We will be able to travel the world in our vehicles, moving from sights to sights. These can be main quests, story progression, or just side missions. On the other hand, unlike other open-world games, you will need to at least progress in the side quests that open the chapters of the main quest.

Second, the LEGO aspect comes to the fore. As is the case with other block games, this association is primarily related to the aesthetic aspect. But the LEGO part goes further than in LEGO 2K Drive, also affecting gameplay. The strength of the game, reinforcing its belonging to the LEGO universe, is the creation of objects using bricks that are related to vehicles. Indeed, it is possible to create vehicles controlled at full speed. Something that LEGO fans have been waiting for a very long time, came with LEGO Bricktales and fleshed out the gameplay of LEGO 2K Drive. It is also a way to have a unique vehicle for each player.

LEGO 2K Drive Garage

The LEGO 2K Drive will be available May 19, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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