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Realme GT Neo5 Testing Highest Charging Power Solutions



Realme GT Neo5 Charging Power

We thought that the phone fast charging power of 200W is also the end, who thought that later Redmi launched 210W, and then against one of Redmi’s rivals, Realme even going to bring 240W fast charging models?

According to the report from Digital Chat Station, the new Realme GT Neo5 has been officially put into production, the machine will bring two fast charging versions, respectively 5000mAh + 150W fast charging and 4600mAh + 240W fast charging.

These options and the GT Neo3 currently on sale are kinds of the same, except that the GT Neo3 is with 150W fast charging as the high version, and now It has a higher and faster option.

Combined with previous news, the Realme GT Neo 5 is equipped with what should be OPPO’s new flash charging technology shown at MWC2022 this year, with charger output parameters of 24V10A, with two charge pumps outputting directly to the dual string battery pack.

OPPO 240W Charging Demonstration

After entering the phone, the power is converted into 10V/24A for high-voltage direct charging through the charge pump. The new generation of cells supports higher multiplier charging, with a single cell current of up to 12A.

According to the configuration of the previous generation GT Neo3, the new GT Neo5 will be using MediaTek’s Dimensity 8200 processor, but perhaps Snapdragon 8+ is also possible, or a lower frequency version of Snapdragon 8+. These two processors will be the biggest rival of Dimensity 8200 next year, depending on which is more cost-effective.

But the launch time of the machine will be later, according to the usual practice, Realme’s GT series should be the first Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship, followed by the GT Neo series.

But the interesting thing is that Snapdragon 8 Gen2 has been officially announced, but until now Realme still did not give news of the new machine equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2, it seems that this year is to be later.


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