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Raytheon launched the K87 Pro mechanical keyboard Jingdong 20th anniversary commemorative edition, the price is 249 yuan



News from IT House on May 25th, Raytheon launchedJD 20th Anniversary Edition K87 Pro Mechanical KeyboardCompared with the traditional keyboard, the K87 Pro mechanical keyboard adopts 80% layout design, and the internal GASKET structure design can eliminate most of the cavity sound; it adopts PBT two-color injection keycaps,

The key surface is printed multiple times with UV silk screen printing technology, and adopts self-developed custom TR linear red axis, which is suitable for long-term coding or heavy text workers.

The keyboard supports full-key hot swapping, and is compatible with pentapod and triangular axes. The keyboard supports one-key switching of the three-mode switch,There are three connection methods: Bluetooth 3.0/5.0, 2.4G wireless and wired, and it can be connected to 4 devices at the same time in the wireless state.. The interior of the keyboard is powered by 2 AAA dry batteries, and there is a color-changing indicator light next to the “Esc” position in the upper left corner. You can judge the status of the keyboard according to the different colors of the indicator light, including code pairing and reconnection instructions, capitalization prompts, and full key lock Function prompt, lock WIN function prompt, low voltage alarm prompt.

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The right side of the keyboard is equipped with a stepless operation knob, which can adjust the volume, keyboard backlight effect, and switch between two functions. The knob is also printed with the “20th” logo of JD’s 20th anniversary; the keyboard supports 16.8 million colors and 15 preset RGB Lighting effect, the back is equipped with non-slip foot pads, and supports three levels of height adjustment.

Currently, the Raytheon K87 Pro Mechanical Keyboard JD 20th Anniversary Edition has been launched on the e-commerce platform for pre-sale.The price is 249 yuaninterested IT home partners can go to check.

JingdongThor (ThundeRobot) K87pro three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard 249 yuandirect link

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