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Qualcomm’s fourth-generation car cockpit chip Snapdragon 8295 announced: 5nm process, can carry 11 screens, performance is doubled compared with the previous generation 8155



IT House News on May 26, Qualcomm announced at the Automotive Technology and Cooperation Summit held this week that itsThe fourth generation cockpit chip Snapdragon 8295 (SA8295). Compared with the Snapdragon 8155 commonly used by new energy car companies before, the Snapdragon 8295 has been upgraded in many ways.

▲ Picture source Qualcomm PPT

Snapdragon 8295 adopts 5nm process, AI computing power reaches 30TOPSCompared with the previous Snapdragon 8155 (7nm) GPU, the overall performance has been improved by 2 times, and the 3D rendering performance has been increased by 3 times, and functions such as integrated electronic rearview mirror, machine learning vision (rear, surround view), passenger monitoring and information security have been added.One chip can carry 11 screens.

▲ Picture source Qualcomm PPT

It is reported that the first mass-produced car equipped with Snapdragon 8295 cockpit chip will beJidu ROBO-01Jidu stated that “ROBO-01 equipped with Snapdragon 8295 can realize the full localization of voice AI algorithms in terms of intelligent interaction, the full-end side voice recognition speed is as fast as 500ms, and the end-to-end voice response speed is within 700ms. Offline Speech Recognition”.

During the summit, PATEO demonstrated the rear entertainment screen based on the Snapdragon 8295. In addition, the new force Leaping official Weibo also announced that it will launch a model based on the Snapdragon 8295. At the same time, digital blogger Blood Banner broke the news that “Xiaomi cars will also confirm the use of Snapdragon 8295“.

After inquiry, IT Home learned that at the summit, Qualcomm also introduced its ADAS intelligent driving chip 8650 and cockpit integrated chip Snapdragon 8775. And a panoramic presentation of automotive ecological cooperation solutions.

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