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Playing various tricks like origami, Samsung’s new patent is exploring the many possibilities of foldable devices_China IT News



IT House News on February 1, according to the list published by the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) earlier this month, Samsung has obtained a design patent involving foldable devices.In the patent, Samsung explored many possibilities of foldable devices, allowing the device to play various tricks like origami.

Samsung showed a variety of folding schemes such as single folding/double folding/folding/reverse folding, and can provide up to 6 panels. Moreover, the patent also combines folding and sliding solutions, which means that Samsung can bring richer and more personalized device solutions to users.

IT Home understands that in patent Figure 5, Samsung shows 11 foldable schemes. In addition to the more conventional folding schemes, it also integrates double folding schemes similar to origami in (i) and (k). It can be folded in half after folding the screen in half.

The sliding solution is shown in patent figure 6, in the form of a sliding/expandable display, which can increase the display size when viewing larger content or videos.

Although these patents show a very innovative folding solution, many technical challenges need to be overcome in order to be truly commercialized, and even ordinary consumers cannot afford it.

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