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Philips’ new sleep headset N7808 is released, and the wearer automatically turns off playback after falling asleep-IT HOME



IT House news on February 8th, according to TechPowerUp, Philips brand licensee TP Vision announced the launch of a set of headphones specially designed for use while sleeping, model N7808.

According to reports, this headset is designed for wearing during sleep, and the body is very compact. It also features sensors that monitor sleep patterns, and the earphones gradually turn off audio when the wearer falls asleep.

The headphones don’t support active noise cancellation, but the headphones produce “smart” white noise. In terms of battery life, this headset can be used for 10 hours.

The MSRP of Philips SN7808 is $249 (currently about 1691 RMB), and the current promotional price is $174 (currently about 1181 RMB).

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