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Patent shows that Tesla CyberTruck windshield can be made by heating and bending_China IT News



New details surrounding the upcoming CyberTruck emerged in a patent filed by Tesla with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other international patent offices.

The patent reveals how Tesla is using highly curved glass for the CyberTruck’s windshield, and details the methods used to make it. In the patent, Tesla mentioned how to locally heat a part of its glass surface to form a characteristic line. Or in other words, how glass is bent.


Automotive glass structures having curves and characteristic lines and methods of forming the structures are provided. An example method involves applying localized heat (e.g., by laser, heating element) to a location on a substantially planar glass structure and bending the glass at that location (e.g., along a line along the planar glass structure) structure to form the characteristic lines in the glass structure. The bend can be formed with a radius of curvature of 2 mm to 5 cm. Additional curved or connected glass layers may further be included to form curved multiple layer glass structures for automobiles.

In the patent’s detailed description of the disclosure, the technology mentioned is said to be applicable to “cars, trucks, semi-trailers, etc.,” and the patent image uses the Cybertruck as an example.

That doesn’t guarantee that Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup will use the glass processed by the technology described in the patent, but judging by what Tesla has said in the past about its so-called armored glass and high-durability glass projects, we’re going to Might see big curved glass on the Cybertruck. Additionally, the Tesla Semi may also benefit from these molding techniques.

The patent also mentions that similar glass structures could be used inside vehicles, such as on dashboards.

IT Home has learned that the Cybertruck is expected to be delivered sometime in mid-2023. The production equipment for the car has been spotted multiple times at the Gigafactory in Texas, and Tesla’s chief designer said that from a “design perspective” Look, the truck is done.

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