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Original Quantum has successfully delivered a domestic 24-bit superconducting quantum computer, and will release a new model in 2023



IT House News on January 25th, China’s first quantum computing company – Origin Quantum announced,A new domestic quantum computer will be released within 2023.

Origin Quantum has developed several Chinese quantum computers and delivered them to users. In 2020, Yuanyuan Quantum will launch the first domestic superconducting quantum computer “Benyuan Wuyuan No. 1”, which is equipped with a superconducting 6-bit quantum processor Kuafu KF C6-130 and Yuanyuan Quantum measurement and control all-in-one machine. “Benyuan Wuyuan No. 2” follows the design structure of “Benyuan Wuyuan No. 1”.

At present, Origin Quantum has successfully delivered a 24-bit superconducting quantum computer, and continue to tackle higher-digit quantum computers. “Benyuan Wuyuan” No. 1 and No. 2 started in 2020, and successively provided quantum computing services to users around the world through the original quantum cloud platform.

▲ Yuanyuan Wuyuan superconducting quantum computer, picture source Yuanyuan Quantum

Original Quantum also released a few days agoThe first domestic quantum computer and supercomputer collaborative computing system solution (referred to as “Quantum Supercomputer Collaboration”). This scheme can play the advantages of quantum computers and supercomputers in both directions.

As far as the Google team used a 54-bit quantum processor to complete a specific calculation that would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years to complete in 200 seconds in 2019, if a supercomputer is used, the power is at the megawatt level, The power of the quantum processor is only 25 kilowatts, and the energy consumption of quantum computing will be greatly reduced.

IT Home previously reported that the official roadmap of Origin Quantum shows that by 2025,The original quantum will break through 1000 qubits and reach 1024 qubitsand will use quantum computing to try to solve corresponding problems in different industries, and develop special quantum computers for industries.

▲ Original Quantum Computing Technology Roadmap, Map Source Original Quantum

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