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Open source multimedia framework GStreamer 1.22 released, improving support for AV1 and WebRTC



News from IT House on January 24,The open source multimedia framework GStreamer recently launched 1.22 The version update focuses on improving the support for AV1 and WebRTC.This update enhances hardware encoding and decoding for VA-API / VA, AMF, D3D11, NVCODEC, QSV, and Intel MediaSDK.

IT Home understands that this update also improves the design of DMA buffer sharing and modifier handling especially for Linux users, improves hardware accelerated video decoders, encoders and filters, and capture and rendering.

GStreamer 1.22 also adds video rendering to Qt6 in QML scenes, ONVIF timed metadata support, new segmented and non-segmented MP4 multiplexers, new gtk4paintablesink and gtkwaylandsink renderers, and support for Touch screen events.

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