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OnePlus Reveals First Mechanical Keyboard In New Promotional Video



OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard Promotional Video

OnePlus has recently released a promotional video showcasing its first-ever mechanical keyboard, which is set to launch on February 7 alongside the company’s new OnePlus 11 5G device. The keyboard, which has been developed in partnership with Keychron, features OnePlus’s signature white and red design, a metal case, and a polished metal stand.

OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard Promotional Video

The keyboard comes equipped with a Win/Mac key switch, as well as Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and wired connectivity options, and features a USB-C port for charging or connection. The keyboard also features a transparent knob in the upper right corner, the purpose of which is currently unknown. However, it will also be available in a red knob version, which is rumored to be used to adjust the volume or other settings.

One of the notable highlights of the OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard is that it does not come with a numeric keypad. The keyboard is compatible with Windows and Linux-powered PCs, as well as Macs.

The promotional video gives a detailed look at the keyboard’s design, showing off its sleek and modern look. The use of the company’s signature white and red color scheme, as well as the polished metal stand, gives the keyboard a premium feel. The inclusion of multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth and wired connectivity, makes the keyboard versatile and suitable for use with a variety of devices.

Overall, the OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard appears to be a high-quality and stylish option for anyone in the market for a new mechanical keyboard. The release date of February 7 is fast approaching, and fans of the brand are eagerly anticipating the launch of this new product.


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