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OnePlus mechanical keyboard officially released on February 7: with a knob in the upper right corner, supports Win / Mac switching, three-mode connection



News from IT House on January 24, OnePlus officially announced that it will February 7Introduced its first mechanical keyboard, which was built in cooperation with Keychron, and the official released a teaser video today showing the basic appearance of the keyboard.

As you can see from the video, this keyboard uses OnePlus’ iconicred and white designequipped with a metal case, and a polished metal stand.

The keyboard is equipped with Win / Mac Key Toggle Switchand Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, wired connection switch, equipped with USB-C interface.

In addition, the keyboard is equipped with atransparent knobThe breaking news picture shows that there is also a red knob version, which is expected to adjust the volume, etc., but there is no numeric keypad.

According to previous reports from IT House, it is reported that this keyboard will be launched in February and mass-produced in March. While the keyboard will debut in India, it is also possible that OnePlus will bring it to global markets.

OnePlus Keyboard

According to the news, the OnePlus keyboard is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux, and this keyboard will use Keychron’s key shafts and keycaps. OnePlus will provide hot-swappable keycaps with multiple color options at the time of release, and the keyboard will also support the configuration of RGB lighting effects.The price is between 8000-10000 Indian rupees (currently about 667-834 yuan).

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