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OnePlus 11 Concept Aircraft Official Announcement: Will Appear at MWC2023_China IT News



IT House reported on February 8 that the OnePlus 11 flagship mobile phone was recently launched for the global market, and now OnePlus is preparing for its next breakthrough product. OnePlus officially revealed that a OnePlus 11 concept phone will debut at MWC 2023 in Barcelona,The show is scheduled to run from February 27th to March 2nd.

The OnePlus concept machine device dates back to three years ago. First of all, at CES 2020, OnePlus released the OnePlus Concept One with a “hidden rear camera”. The transition time of the entire rear camera part from opaque to transparent is about 0.7 seconds. The phone is wrapped in McLaren supercar leather. The product did not enter the open market subsequently.

In 2021, the OnePlus 8T concept machine features a color-changing back that can change from gray to blue to black on command. There’s also millimeter-wave radar, which could theoretically be used for gesture recognition.

OnePlus 11 concept machine equipment will adopt “imaginative design and industry-leading technology”, which means many possibilities.

IT Home learned that the standard version of OnePlus 11 was launched in the Chinese market in January. The machine has a built-in Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, equipped with a 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED touch screen with 1440×3216 resolution, and a rear three-camera setup (50MP main Camera with OIS, 32MP 2x telephoto camera, 48MP ultra-wide angle with autofocus camera) and 5000mAh battery with 100W wired charging support.

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