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OmniVision OV60A Unveiled Using 0.61-micron Pixel High-resolution



OmniVision OV60A Specifications

According to the latest report from Ithome today, OmniVision Technology announced the launch of the world’s first 0.61-micron pixel high-resolution 4K image sensor for high-end cell phone front and rear cameras, OmniVision OV60A.

The OV60A is the world’s first 0.61-micron high-resolution 4K image sensor for high-end mobile phone front and rear cameras. The OV60A features a 1/2.8-inch optical format with a 3:4 or 16:9 aspect ratio configuration.

The four-in-one color filter array on the OmniVision OV60A uses near-pixel merging to deliver 15-megapixel images with four times the sensitivity, providing the equivalent performance of 1.22 microns for preview and native 4K video, with the additional pixels needed for electronic image stabilization (EIS), said OmniVision. The sensor also supports a low-power mode for “always-on” sensing, which saves battery life when used in conjunction with the phone’s artificial intelligence features.

To increase resolution while reducing pixel size and optical format, the OV60A is described as using OmniVision Technology’s PureCel Plus-S chip stacking technology. The “always-on” low power modes include ambient light sensing for wake-up and low power streaming mode. The sensor also supports dual I/O voltage rails (1.8V and 1.2V) and a CPHY interface.


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