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Obviously you can rely on strength, but you must rely on appearance!GALAX RTX 4070 Xingyao OC evaluation–fast technology–technology changes the future



1. Foreword: A unique high-value RTX 4070

After adopting TSMC’s 4nm process technology, the new generation of RTX 40 graphics card has an astonishing energy efficiency ratio, but the disadvantage is that it is a bit expensive.

The NVIDIA RTX 4070 just released last month provides the performance of RTX 3080 with the power consumption of RTX 3060. The recommended retail price of 4799 yuan is also a price that most enthusiasts can afford.

Of course, for a graphics card with a price of 5,000 yuan, performance is of course important. If it also has a super high value, then spending money will be more enjoyable.

The GALAX RTX 4070 Xingyao OC we tested today is such a high-value graphics card.

GALAX RTX 4070 Xingyao OC is very innovative in appearance design. It adopts a pure white acrylic crystal cover design with a translucent crystal shape. The 3 fans on the front of the graphics card and the logo on the top are equipped with RGB lighting effects. You can use GALAX The new Mopan customizes the lighting effect mode that suits you.

Obviously you can rely on strength, but you must rely on appearance!GALAX RTX 4070 Xingyao OC evaluation

GALAX RTX 4070 Xingyao OC adopts AD104 core, which has 5888 CUDA units and 64 ROP units.The base frequency is 1920MHz, the acceleration frequency is pre-exceeded to 2610MHz, and the TGP is 215W.

Compared with the public version, the main difference is that the acceleration frequency is 135MHz higher. In addition, the TGP is 15W higher than the public version. At the same time, 35W of space is reserved for players to overclock, and the maximum support for overclocking is 250W.

If you want to achieve low temperature and silence at the same time, heat dissipation design is particularly important. GALAX RTX 4070 Xingyao OC is equipped with a new generation Xingzhuo III cooling system, equipped with three fans with a diameter of 102mm and a thickness of 20mm, plus five 6mm pure copper nickel-plated heat pipes,

The fan also supports intelligent start and stop, and can be completely silent under low temperature and low load.

In addition, it also refers to the design scheme of the public version, and has a hollow design at the end of the PCB board and the metal backplane, so that the airflow can directly penetrate the graphics card, which is helpful to improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

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